"Napkins for all occasions""


Napkin Folding


No1 Bishops Hat

Open out the napkin to its full size then fold in two to make a rectangle. Then bring the bottom left corner up and across to the top edge. Folded napkinthen fold the top right corner down.Then turn the napkin over and fold in half lengthways. Then fold down one point from the left side and one from the right side. Then tuck one side under the other side. Turn over and repeat this and you end up with this! Turn it upside down and open it out and there you are.

No.2 The Fan
Open out the napkin half way to make a rectangle. Then make concertina creases on just over half the napkin. Fold in half to bring the ends of the folds together. Fold and tuck in the right hand side which will keep the two halves fixed together. You can cheat with a paperclip if it does not stay in place. Then open out the fan and there you are!